Project: Unborn

- INFO -

Genre: Point & Click adventure / RPG
Platforms: Browser / Android / Windows / Linux
Language: English, Serbian


Project: Unborn is a reboot of my older game called White Wolf and it will consist of several episodes. The game will be available online, on Android, and on Windows / Linux systems. The main goal of each episode is to be a small, dark, and memorable experience.


The game is, for the most part, point and click adventure. But each episode will contain few fights in a JRPG style. This is, however, not a JRPG game. There is no leveling system or new equipment. You can find a few items that can help you in the fight, but each battle is more like a mini-puzzle. That means that each fight is essentially a boss fight. And each episode will contain only 3-4 fights. Hp and Be (bio-energy) will not be restored between fights, so it is desirable to win each fight with as little waste of resources as possible. As for the length of the episode, each episode should be 5-15 minutes long if you know what you are doing and where you need to go. 


----------------------------- EPISODE 1 -----------------------------

- Web version: Kongregate , Newgrounds , GameJolt
- Android version: Google Play
- Windows / Linux version: itch,io

----------------------------- EPISODE 2 -----------------------------

- Web version: Kongregate , Newgrounds , GameJolt
- Android version: Google Play
- Windows / Linux version:

----------------------------- EPIZODA 3 -----------------------------

- Web version: Newgrounds, GameJolt
- Android version: Google Play
- Windows / Linux version:

Events before Year 0
- First appearance of G.O.D. (great outer space deformations that emit life energy) -
- Angels find G.O.D. -
Year 0 
- The day Angels brought life energy to Earth -
Year 2173
- Events of Episode 1 -
- First naturally created Semidori -
- The first time human saw the creation of Semidori -
----------(alternative timeline)----------
Year 2239
- Events of Episode 2 -
- First artificially created Neo Semidori -
Year 2247
- First artificially created life crystal -
Year 2254
- The day when hundreds of Neo Semidori were killed because they lost their minds due to violent evolution -
Year 2256
- Events of Episode 3 -